Stainless and carbon steel storage silos for powders and granules

One of the most important element of our product range is production of stock silos for all kinds of powder and granular materials used as semi-finished products and raw materials in many areas of the industry.

Silos and bunkers for bulk materials, which are generally used in food, chemical, cement and plastic industries, are indispensable elements of the industry. They consist a cylindrical or rectangular section and a conical form in the lower part.

Our company is working on silo systems for filling, unloading and weighing of silos. Silo filling is usually made by pneumatic (by air), with necessary equipments such as filter and safety valve. It provides complete solution with the supply of equipments such as bin activator and screw conveyor, which ensures the material to be discharged properly.

Depending on the chemical properties of the material to be stored, silos made of mild steel and stainless steel (AISI 304, AISI 316) Also has been manufactured in standard sizes as well as in special sizes.


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