Pneumatic Conveying

High capacity and long distance conveying…

The dense phase pneumatic conveyor is suitable for transporting tough, abrasive and fragile materials. According to Blower systems, it pushes the material at relatively lower speeds and blocks along the pipe. Transport at low speeds ensures long service life of the system in pipes andbends. In addition it requires minimal maintenance. Efficient use of compressed air also provides low power consumption and operating costs.

Our company uses Assisting Air technology which are know how information in dense phase pneumatic transport. This technology ensures smooth transport over long distances and reduces air consumption as much as possible.

It is a simple and efficient method of conveying material from one collection point to one or several points. It can be used in many branches of the industry to transfer all kinds of bulk solid materials, from fine powders to high humidity pellets. Particularly, mixing of the mixture and formula containing materials with complete and no segragation gives very successful results with this method.


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