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  • Proje Tarihi:Fri Jan 01 2016
  • Lokasyon:Kocaeli / Türkiye
  • İş Kapsamı:Engineering, Mechanical, Automation, Installation
  • Sektör:Plastic

General Information About System

The system is designed to feed two separate Extruder lines. The first Extruder Line has a capacity of 2500kg / h and the second Extruder line has a capacity of 1000kg / h and a total of 84 tons / day of production is realized. In the system, three types of Calcite, three types of PVC, four 50m3 volume, two 15m3 volume stock silo were used. There is a micro-dosing unit offering sixteen different raw material usage possibilities for automatic inclusion of additions into the system. The dosing and mixing of the twenty kinds of liquid used in the process is carried out by means of a liquid dosing system. The process is managed via SCADA.

Working Principle

Calcite from silobas is stored in the silo system. The PVC bags that come with the big bag are loaded to the stock silos with the loading system in which the bigbag emptying machine is integrated.

Additives that come with the bag are included in the loading caps in the micro dosing unit. Storage of liquid groups is done on the tanks in the farm. The prescribed raw materials are dosed by spiral conveyors or metering pumps, with the start of the prescription for SCADA or the start of the new prescribed prescription by the operator. The weighing is taken to transfer bunkers. The dust groups in the transfer bunkers are transported to the cyclones on the mixers by pneumatic transport method. Since digital communication is carried out between the mixer and the dosing system, the mixer demands the raw material groups according to the specified process order in accordance with the programmed process order and the system automatically feeds the mixer.

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