HFFR Kablo Compound Sistemleri – Düzlem


  • Proje Tarihi:Fri Jan 01 2016
  • Lokasyon:Denizli / Turkey
  • İş Kapsamı:Engineering, Mechanical, Automation, Installation
  • Sektör:Cable

General Information About System

This project is a compound project of a factory in Denizli. From the ATH / MgOH / CaCo3 Bigbag discharging units provided by the big bag, the PE / EVA supplied in 25kg packs are drawn from the bag disposal units to the cyclones by vacuum conveyor method. In the fully automatic level-controlled system, cyclones feed the LOSS IN WEIGHT FEEDERS under the request signals. The process is completed by feeding the extruder under the specified conditions.

Working Principle

The system is fully automatic, controlled from the operator panel. Underwater pelletizing cooled product is granulated after the extruder, vacuum transfer method is to be carried to the cyclone. In weighing controlled filled bigbags, when the filling process is completed, the barcode is removed and the process is completed. The packaging unit is used for the products that are required to be packed in 25 kg packages according to my site requirements.

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