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Powder Blending Plant for Welding Electrodes

  • Proje Tarihi:Thu Mar 23 2017
  • Lokasyon:Manisa / Turkey
  • İş Kapsamı:Engineering, Mechanical, Automation, Installation
  • Sektör:Minerals

General Information About System

The system is designed for a total of fifty-four different raw materials and has a capacity of 6 t / h. Fifty-four raw materials can be prepared from each combination at the same time can prepare two different prescriptions. Process flow is provided by the PLC controlled automation system, the system is managed via SCADA. Thanks to the authorization module, the formulas saved in the system have been prevented from being taken out and taken over by the rival companies.

Working Principle

The introduction of raw materials into the system has been done by a barcode system. Which inventory silos which raw material will be filled by the system is prevented by possible errors. In the blend preparation system, simultaneous dosing of all the raw materials in the prescription is carried out by using gravimetric feeder for each raw material instead of common weighing pan. In this way, the blend preparation time is reduced and the weighing sensitivities are reduced to very sensitive levels of 0.5%. The blends are prepared automatically from the collection tape and then packed in the packaging unit for use in production.

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