Dry Blend Stoklama ve Extruder Besleme Sistemi – Düzlem


  • Proje Tarihi:Fri Jan 01 2016
  • Lokasyon:Adana / Turkey
  • İş Kapsamı:Engineering, Mechanical, Automation, Installation
  • Sektör:Plastic

General Information About System

This project; dry blender extruder is the central storage and supply; has been made for a company which is one of the world's leading one in the sector of PVC pipe plants and factories in Adana, Turkey. The dry blend of different formulas prepared in 5 different PVC turbo mixers is sent to the stock silos with pneumatic conveying method. The stocked material is sent to the stock bunkers on the extruder at the bottom of 8 stainless stock silos located at a distance of 80m, with pressure vessels ranging from 1-6 tons / hour. With our R & D studies, we keep the working pressure at 2-3 bar level and provide significant air consumption advantage compared to the same type of systems.

Working Principle

The system operates fully automatically via a PLC controlled SCADA system. The operator selects which silo he wants to stock the mix prepared on the screen from the mixers and which he wants to send to the extruders from the stock silos. After this combination, all equipment on the line starts the transport by performing this condition. Daily reporting on all these operations is created and archived.

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