Accurate dosing and formulation plants

In batch preparation and mixer feeding systems, the most preferred method is batch dosing. In this system, a certain amount of material can be taken in a mixer and mixed for a while. Therefore, before the mixer, all the recipe materials must be fed into a weighing hopper by being fed precisely depending on the quantities entered in the control system. To this end, each material in the formulation is precisely weighed with a variety of feeders located beneath a silo, bunker or bigbag discharge unit.

Continue Dosing

In continue powder dosing systems, each material in the formula is supplied continuously and the mixing ratio remains constant at all times since each works at a constant discharge capacity. In this system, which was established before the mixer, it is usually flowing over the main material passing through a collecting conveyor, while the other additives are fed in certain proportions depending on the recipe to be made, creating a sandwich structure.

Liquid Dosing

It makes liquid process automation about tank liquid dosing systems, mixer manufacturing, pump-valve systems and liquid process automation. Generally, the application of liquid dosing systems is to fill the materials that come with tankers into the storage tanks and to send the liquids in to the mixers by means of pumps of the selected type in accordance with the process.


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