Bigbag Filling

The bigbag filling machine is designed for filling powder or granular materials into big bags. The material can be fed to the filling gate by a variety of systems such as sliding valve, rotary valve, screw feeder and vacuum cyclone. When the filling process begins, the material is poured into the bag and the weighing takes place at the same time. When the filling value entered in the control system is reached, the material flow stops automatically. It is a semi-automatic operation to remove the full bigbag from the machine. When the filling process is finished, the hook holders release the hooks, the operator removes the bigbag throat from the filling opening and presses a button to start the filling conveyor. The full bigbag moves on the conveyor and moves towards the output conveyor.

– Machine chassis consisting of carbon steel profiles

– Loadcell weighing system

– Parts in contact with AISI 304 stainless steel

– Semi automatic hook mechanism

– 1500 mm motorized weighing conveyor

– 1500 mm gravity output conveyor

– Bag blowing fan and dust suction fan

– Inflatable seal mechanism in inlet spout


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